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Tecture is proud to announce the launch of a completely redesigned website for the national anesthesia service provider, Somnia, Inc.

Somnia Anesthesia Services is based in New York but their anesthesia management teams span hospitals, surgery centers, and private practices stretched from coast-to-coast. Their new website serves as a comprehensive introduction to their business expertise in the areas of anesthesia and pain management as well as offering a clinical careers micro-site to further expand the available teams of clinicians and administrators throughout the country with job openings within various facilities.

As Somnia provides services to three distinct types of medical facilities, Tecture designed the new Somnia website with three unique pathways to match the three specific types of facilities. By carefully crafting these avenues for potential clients to the website, Tecture has eliminated unnecessary steps towards successfully submitting requests for proposals and additional information.

Somnia's staff manages the site's content through Tecture's custom-developed Site Ignition website management system. Through it, Somnia is able to keep their industry professionals constantly updated with new information and events through RSS feeds, blogs (integrating the Facebook Connect commenting system), and current news articles.

    Somnia Anesthesia Services

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Tecture Awakens the New Somnia Anesthesia Services Website