Custom Ecommerce Solutions Make It Easy to Pay You

We implement seamless, secure custom ecommerce solutions that make it easy for customers to buy from you. Ecommerce used to mean sending your online visitors to a separate store, where they would select a product and check out. Today the best websites distribute the purchase experience throughout the site in an elegant, friction-free process that never leaves the page. Your customers will thank you for it.

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We Offer

  • Integration with third-party ecommerce platforms
  • Custom-built ecommerce
  • Venue ticketing solutions
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Donation payment
  • Complex payment transactions
  • Tiered pricing models

Technologies and Features

Payment gateways


Third-party ecommerce platforms

Shopping carts

Selected Projects

Mepco Easy Pay: Progressively Upgrading Ecommerce Options

Mepco, a financial services company that provides financial backing for automotive extended warranties, hired Tecture to bring its first payment website online. A prior vendor had failed to complete the project, so Tecture was engaged to assess the code and systems and create a plan to complete and launch the project. We succeeded, and Mepco outsourced its ongoing development and maintenance work to Tecture for the next decade until its recent acquisition. In that time, Tecture has progressively upgraded and improved Mepco’s ecommerce capabilities: Redesigned the application to make mobile payments fast and friendly • Implemented a highly tokenization process to make online payments more secure • Switched the application to new payment gateways as needed • Designed and implemented a dealer-direct mechanism to enable car dealerships’ financial staff to sell products directly • Designed a quick and easy payment that does not require customers to log into their account • Implemented paperless statements • Created a modern API that serves 3rd party sellers as a complete API toolkit for securely interfacing with Mepco.

Selected Features

Mepco Easy Pay

Quick, easy payment on Mepco's Easy Pay system.

Check Out

Next, the customer pays their bill.

Payment Confirmation

Payment confirmation screens shows all the details.

Email Confirmation

Finally an email confirms all the customer's payment details.

ABPM: Complex Business Rules Are No Problem

Like any certifying medical board, participating physicians interact with the American Board of Preventive Medicine in a multitude of ways — which means ABPM’s  ecommerce needs are complex. Physicians seeking certification pay various application and exam fees at the appropriate stage of the certification process (which can vary depending on prior certifications and affiliations). Already certified physicians pay on-going maintenance of certification fees that vary by year of certification, other certifications and affiliations. There is also a variety of one-off and special circumstances that affect fees to be accounted for. The business rules are complicated.  When implementing ABPM’s unified certification system Tecture assembled and analyzed all these scenarios and business rules to create an ecommerce system that is both easy for participants to use and fully integrated with ABPM’s physician portal. Since launch of the system Tecture has also effected a transition from 10-year-recertification-cycle-based fees to ongoing maintenance of certification fees.

Selected Features

Application Submission and Payment

The application submission incorporates seamless ecommerce for payment of fees.

Exam Registration Payment

The system handles physicians' board exam registration and payment of fees.

Annual Maintenance of Certification Payment

The system tracks certified physicians' Maintenance of Certification status and invoices the physician.

Linescape: Tiered Pricing for Shipping Data

Linescape, a consolidator of sailing schedule data, needed brand design and a contemporary, easy-to-use customer interface to it’s complex shipping data. The company also wished to implement a tiered pricing model in which customers could subscribe to varied levels of data access at different price points.

Selected Features

Tiered Access

Access to the various categories of data and tools is controlled by ones subscription plan.

Linescape Home Page

Linescape's home page gets right to the point — searching world-wide, real-time shipping schedules.

Subscription Form

Linescape's subscription form offers a choice of access levels and accommodates coupon codes.

Change Plan

Linescape's account pages allow the user to upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan.

Billing History

Linescape's My Account pages include the customer's complete billing history.