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Tecture partners with you to build the custom-tailored web technology solutions that build your business. We rigorously gather all your near-term and strategic requirements (and many you may not have thought of) and architect the optimal solution for your business. We then build — and stringently test — your application using modern web frameworks and deploy to sophisticated cloud-based hosting environments. After launch we stay with you to maintain the data and code, implement enhancements and strategize the future.

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Selected Projects

ABPM: From Paper Files to Cloud-Based Collaboration

The American Board of Preventive Medicine approached Tecture to bring its paper-based certification application online. Tecture not only delivered a web-based application, but also implemented a full online review process, customer service ticketing system and Maintenance of Certification tracking. In the process Tecture:

  • • Created a strategy to migrate a variety of disparate systems’ data into a central database
  • • Implemented an electronic application system to accommodate a 400% increase in demand
  • • Created a staff and board application review system that enables the Board to function entirely remotely
  • • Integrated with the board exam provider’s systems
  • • Created a physician dashboard to centralize all touchpoints with the board, including support requests
  • • Implemented an electronic payments system to collect fee payments
  • • Implemented a Maintenance of Certification system to allow board-certified physicians to track and manage various aspects of their certifications via the portal.
Selected Features

Am I Eligible? Quiz

An interactive quiz helps applicants learn about eligibility requirements for their chosen specialization.

Certification Application

Interactive application form guides applicants step by step through the complex process of applying and collecting documentation.

Physician Record

Every applicant, candidate and diplomate has a complete record with contact, professional, certification and maintenance of certification information in the system.

Certifying Exam Information

The system also manages certifying examination information for each specialty and subspecialty exam.

Customer Support

Integrated, context-aware customer service tickets enable applicants, candidate and diplomates to correspond with staff within the system.

MOC Requirements

The system also tracks diplomates’ Maintenance of Certification requirements, status and progress.

Residency and Fellowship Programs

The system maintains records for all residency and fellowship programs in ABPM specialties.

Linescape: Complex Shipping Data Needs Sophisticated Presentation

Linescape, a consolidator of sailing schedule data, needed brand design and a contemporary, easy-to-use customer interface to it’s complex shipping data. Tecture:

  • Designed a high-performance shipping container search engine with a modern API backend and an Angular front-end
  • Deployed the system on the AWS microservice-based architecture to maximize scalability and minimize maintenance
  • Developed a SaaS subscription model with payment integration and account parameters.


Selected Features


Linescape's home page gets right to the point — searching world-wide, real-time shipping schedules.

Shipping Route Screen

All the information shippers need in a clear, exquisitely-designed screen.

Shipping Route Screen Detail

At a Premium subscription tier customers can view transshipments as well as direct routes.

Port Results Page

Site visitors can view ships' entry and exit dates for a port on any given day in a filterable, sortable list.

Vessel Information

The Vessel screen displays complete vessel information and the vessel's current schedule.

Carrier Information

The Carrier screen displays complete carrier and contact information, including a list of the carrier's vessels.

Subscription Plans

Access to the various categories of data and tools is controlled by ones subscription plan.

Tessera Ticketing for Savvy Venue Managers

Tecture has been building and maintaining venue ticketing systems for clients for over ten years, enhancing and customizing over time. Two years ago we decided to redesign and rebuild our ticketing system from the ground up, roll it out to our existing clients and offer it to other venues. Tessera by Tecture offers an affordable, flexible, industrial-strength ticketing alternative to the high fees and draconian terms of the big ticket vendors.
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Selected Features

LH-ST Home Page

Infinitely flexible WordPress (or other CMS) front end tied to the robust Tessera ticketing platform gives you complete control over design and branding.

Modal Shopping Cart

A responsive modal cart means your customer never leaves the page.

Show Management Dashboard

Easily manage every aspect of a show from an all-in-one dashboard.

Seating Chart Integration

Tessera also supports seating charts. We can custom illustrate any venue and support any seating arrangement from rows to tables, and more.

EFTS: Empowering Medical Interlibrary Loans

The Medical Library Association’s medical library members sought an interibrary Loan (ILL) billing system to allow them to easily bill one another for loans, without significant overhead managing complex invoicing systems. A previous solution had been built more than two decades ago by one of the system’s members, but it was outdated, insecure, and relied on manual processing.

Tecture and MLA worked in conjunction with the National Library of Medicine (NLM), which operates a system for ILLs called DOCLINE. The DOCLINE system is the tool that libraries use to request inter-library loans. Tecture designed and implemented a custom data exchange API and worked with DOCLINE’s developers to integrate it into their system so that ILLs from EFTS members would be sent from DOCLINE to EFTS automatically, eliminating the need to manually enter them (and ensure data accuracy). While the new system still supports file uploads, this API-based automation gives members flexibility, transparency, and accuracy.    Read the full case study

Selected Features

MLA Electronic Funds Transfer System

System overview