WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress powers the vast majority of websites on the internet – and WordPress developers are a dime a dozen. So, why is it so hard to find a reliable one?

Tecture’s WordPress maintenance service can assist you with the following:

  • Website hosting transfers between providers, including the necessary DNS configuration, domain name registration transfers, database and asset transfers.
  • Ongoing security updates for WordPress, its plugins, and the underlying hosting architecture used. Routine updates are essential for keeping things running smoothly. WordPress is a valuable target to hackers because of its popularity.
  • Plugin updates, while usually benign, can fail occasionally, or can cause conflicts with other software. Tecture can fix plugin errors or other incompatibilities, and we always take full backups before doing such updates in case of problems.
  • Routine backups and snapshots. Backups are an essential security precaution you must take. Have you ever had to go back to the Wayback Machine (archive.org) to rebuild a website from scratch? It’s not pretty, but sometimes that’s the only option if you fail to back up your site.
  • Database optimizations, updates, and repairs. WordPress databases can become very large over time due to it saving versions, drafts, revisions, and all sorts of other data. Not all of this is essential for running your website, but it can quickly fill your disk, making backups take longer, cause performance problems, and cause site outages.
  • Restoration from backup.
  • Repair broken WordPress configurations, settings, plugins, and databases.
  • Uptime monitoring of your website alerts us to any outages or problems so we can swiftly resolve the problem.

Tecture also understands the specific needs of high-performance WordPress websites, with solutions including:

  • WordPress server-side caching plugin configuration, including special server-side configurations necessary to achieve optimal performance
  • Content delivery network configuration, such as Amazon Cloudfront
  • Memcached memory-based caching of pages, objects, and database queries, such as Amazon ElastiCache
  • Multi-server load balanced options, including deployment solutions
  • Browser-based caching configuration
  • Techniques to optimize the load time of pages, such as minification, lazy loading, removal of render blocking JavaScript, etc.

Tecture can harden your WordPress site with many security configuration options, including:

  • Firewall configuration to block unwanted traffic
  • SSL certificate installation and renewal, and configuration of web server security settings
  • Security plugins to block hacking attempts
  • Spam prevention

Beyond routine maintenance, Tecture can help you build a new WordPress or extend an existing one with such functionality as:

  • Custom fields
  • Dynamic custom display logic
  • Personalization of content
  • Ecommerce and shopping cart integration
  • Contact forms
  • CRM integrations
  • Email marketing platform integration
  • Design and development of new templates
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly assistance
  • Customization of existing themes or creation of new custom themes
  • Integration of 3rd party plugins
  • Implementation of event ticketing, such as Tecture’s own Tessera ticketing system

How it Works

We transfer your site to our hosting platform (or you give us admin access to yours).

We set a monthly budget and establish a calendar (domain renewals, SSL certificate expirations, monthly WordPress updates, etc.)

We set up Basecamp to communicate with your team.

We get started! Contact us for any questions you have or anything you need help with, and we’re there for you.

Please contact us to meet and discuss how we can help you with your WordPress website!


Where is your team located?

Tecture’s team is all US-based. We do not subcontract overseas to keep costs down. We’re not opposed to offshore developers — and in fact have worked with some terrific ones — but our model allows us to provide the caliber of service to our clients that we want.

What happens if I need help with a project?

We often help clients with projects, large and small, from design to development to marketing to social media. If the project exceeds the maintenance budget, we’ll write a SOW (statement of work) outlining the costs.

Can I continue to use my own developers alongside your team?

Certainly! Many of our clients have very technical designers or developers on staff, and we often work alongside them on projects.

Do you host WordPress websites? And, what if I want to keep my own hosting platform?

We do host sites on our own AWS- or Azure-based hosting platform. While we are experts in many operating systems and web servers, we have a toolkit optimized for a very specific hosting platform. If you have a special situation, please ask if we support it.

How do we communicate with your team?

Basecamp and Slack. We monitor both throughout the day. If there is something urgent outside of business hours, we’re only a call or text away.

What if we need things outside of this, and have unused maintenance hours? Would your service cover those?

Yes, we often help our clients with many other things! Business card design and printing, staff photos, copywriting, staff training, landing page design, and development, etc. We’re happy to help!

What kind of turnaround time can I expect?

We’re very responsive, usually same day for most requests. Many developers treat maintenance requests as a chore. We have been in the website business for over 20 years, and we know how important website uptime is to your business, and how important it is to have a solid partnership between developer and client. As we get to know you better over time, we can learn to serve you better.