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Need to provide gated access to valuable resources and services? Serving a complex organization with highly granular access needs? From user authentication to resource libraries to customer support systems, we provide comprehensive, flexible online portals for companies, enterprises and membership organizations.

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We Offer

  • Document and file sharing portals
  • Customer service portals and ticketing systems
  • Sales and marketing portals
  • Customer/member dashboards
  • Customer/member registration and management systems
  • Product registration systems
  • Single sign-on solutions
  • File download portals
  • Members-only websites
  • Custom newsletter builder


CRM integration (Salesforce, MS Dynamics)

SSO providers

User authentication with role-based security and rights management

Document Management

Enterprise Search

API integration

Document sharing


Selected Projects

Health and Wellness Marketing Materials Portal

A large health insurance management firm engaged Tecture to develop a gated “library” of  “maintaining good health” marketing materials for their contracted companies’ HR departments. The management company staff was spending a great deal of time manually providing the materials — fliers, calendars, emails, newsletters, posters and even videos — to their clients. The idea was to develop an online, self-service portal from which their clients could select materials to develop their own “keeping healthy” campaigns and reminders for their employees. Tecture developed the idea into a working product. 

In the process Tecture: Conducted a through discovery and requirements gathering process • Conducted stakeholder focus groups • Developed a user approval process with white-listing and black-listing • Organized the content by topics and content types • Implemented a robust search engine • Developed a sharable collections tool • Designed visual tutorials to increase user adoption • Implemented full usage metrics and reporting

Selected Features

Portal Home Page

An inviting home page and clear navigation guide the client-user into the wealth of portal content. (branding and color removed)

Health Topic Page

Each health topic is organized by content type for easy scanning.

Comprehensive Reporting

The portal provides administrators with comprehensive usage data to assess top users and most valued content.

Celsis: Diverse Technologies/Seamless Customer Support

Celsis, a biotechnology company delivering rapid microbial detection systems (since acquired by Charles River Laboratories), asked Tecture to deliver a customer portal. We conducted a website platform technology selection process prior to any implementation of the website. We evaluated various CMS and portal platforms that would integrate seamlessly with Celsis’ marketing automation system, ERP and CRM. Tecture selected a single CMS that could serve both website content management and customer portal functions. We then built a middleware component to map customers, their accounts, purchases, equipment, reagents and contracts from other databases to the website. The result is a unified system that matches customers with their purchased products.

Selected Features

Portal Home page

Celsis' one-stop place for customer product information and service requests.

My Products

The My Products pages lists all the products and associated resources the customer has purchased.

Charles River Laboratories Microbial Portal: Easy, Secure Software and Documentation Downloads

After Charles River Laboratories acquired Celsis — including the customer portal Tecture had built and maintains (see project above) — the firm asked us to implement a consolidated Microbial Solutions customer portal that would encompass both its Celsis and Endosafe product lines. Due to an impending major software release of its flagship product, we prioritized first implementing a simplified version of the portal with a single product (the Endoscan V, version 6 software release) with all its related documentation. Customers who purchase the software are securely invited to the portal to register their purchase and download the software and documentation. Initial registrants can invite additional teammates from their company to access the portal and the software. The portal allows Charles River to push new software releases and documentation to its customers quickly and efficiently. The portal will eventually include all products and related documentation for the Celsis and Endosafe product lines.

Selected Features

Charles River Microbial Solutions Portal

Gateway page to Charles River Microbial Solutions.

Endosafe Customer Portal

Customer view of the Endosafe Microbial Portal for software and documentation downloads.

File Management Screen

Administrative screen for managing documents and executable files associated with a product.

Customer Activity Logging

Administrative screen that tracks a customers logins and downloads.