Tecture Productive Website Action Blueprint

Has your website kept up with your business?

Get a down-to-earth, business-savvy custom assessment and action blueprint to make your website truly productive — of new business, delighted customers and friction-free operations.


Is Your Website Failing to Produce?

Sometimes your business outruns your website, especially in these shifting times. In the past months we’ve all been adapting, adjusting and pivoting our business strategy, marketing and operations like crazy. Has your website kept up? Or has it lagged behind in producing the sales leads, customer loyalty and streamlined operations you need today, right now? 

Some of the symptoms of an under-producing website include:

  • Your website traffic has trailed off
  • The site no longer aligns with your business mode
  • SEO is not working well
  • Visitors are not engaging with your site
  • Visitor complaints about the website
  • Identified friction points — ecommerce, clunky navigation, for example
  • Out-of-date design
  • Messaging is unclear or no longer reflective of your business
  • Not generating sales leads
  • User experience complaints
  • Website is an island unconnected to other business systems

Any of these symptoms strike a chord? An under-producing website could be costing you dearly. Keeping a website up to date and truly aligned with your business is hard and often confusing work. Sometimes you just need an outside eye to help you pause, take stock and plot out your next moves.


Tecture’s Productive Website Action Blueprint 

Tecture offers a comprehensive, customized business website productivity assessment with concrete, prioritized action blueprint to turn a misaligned, under-performing website into a robust, compelling productive website. We do a deep dive into your business and website to identify the key value drivers and actions that will get you the tangible results you need. And we do it in plain English. How well is your website producing for your business? Where are the gaps and the enhancements that will truly make a difference? You’ll get a custom blueprint for achieving:

  • Increased visibility and findability
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased traffic and sales 
  • Streamlined operations

Tecture’s custom Productive Website Action Blueprint is not some canned, off-the-shelf report with insipid, generic advice. Not some jargon-filled Power Point designed to confuse and intimidate. Not a  thinly-veiled attempt at selling you a costly new website by bashing your old one — while ignoring easy and inexpensive opportunities. The Action Blueprint is your roadmap to a truly effective website driven by your core business model.


Nine Key Areas We Assess

Utilizing Tectue’s proven, proprietary Solutions Framework, we dissect the following nine key dimension of your website:

  • Business Model Alignment   How well does your website support and empower your fundamental business model?  Misalignment = wasted effort and money.

  • Brand and Messaging   How clear and compelling is your messaging? Confused prospects don’t buy.

  • Site Content   How well does your content engage your site visitors? Off-target content deflects potential clients.

  • Ecommerce   How easy is it to buy from your website? LIttle process hiccups cost sales.

  • Integrations with Other Systems   How well does your site leverage integrations with your business systems? Disconnected data destroys effective operations.

  • Social Media Usage  How well is your business leveraging your whole online presence? Multiple channels reinforce your message.

  • Search Engine Optimization   How can your site be easier to find? Enough said!

  • Design and User Experience  Do your site visitors experience ease and flow, or irritation and frustration? Delightful, friction-free design attracts customers.

  • Technical Performance   Are there technical issues that hinder your site?  Slow websites and broken links cost sales and loyalty.


Action Blueprint

We don’t stop with analysis. We lay out specific, prioritized action steps that will turn a misaligned, under-performing website into a robust, compelling productive website that truly empowers your business. That includes both DIY and Done for You options and improvements that will magnify your website’s productivity and effectiveness. 


Tecture’s Proprietary Solutions Framework

Tecture’s Productive Website Action Blueprint analysis is built on our Solutions Framework for turning web-based business websites and applications into successful business platforms. The Framework is based on four core principles:

Align your technology with your fundamental business model.

Embed your business logic within technology.

Connect your business systems to leverage data.

Enhance your customer’s experience of your business.


The Action Blueprint Process

Team/Stakeholder interview
We start with a
Zoom consultation with your team and stakeholders to gather your goals, identified issues and pain points. 

In-depth analysis
We dive into each of the following areas to assess your site’s gaps, problems and opportunities utilizing our proven Solutions Framework:

  • Business Model Alignment
  • Brand and Messaging 
  • Site Content
  • Ecommerce
  • Integrations with Other Systems 
  • Social Media Usage
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Design and User Experience
  • Technical Performance 

Results presentation
Finally we summarize and present our findings with a prioritized action blueprint with options — big and small, DIY and vendor-aided — for making your website compelling and productive. 


What We Deliver

  • A detailed assessment of your site’s strengths and weaknesses, problems and opportunities
  • A prioritized action blueprint with DIY and done for you options to gain increased visibility, customer engagement, customer loyalty, sales leads, as well as streamlined operations.


The Tecture Difference

Tecture has nearly 20 years of experience design, building and improving compelling websites in a wide spectrum of industries. How are we different from other website vendors?

  • We provide concrete action steps — a prioritized blueprint for success — whether you choose to work with us or not.
  • We utilize a proven, proprietary Solutions Framework for analyzing your website.
  • We make it plain and simple. We demystify your website by cutting through the jargon.
  • Your business goals are primary and essential to us. We’re not interested in shiny bells and whistles for their own sake. 
  • We’re proud midwesterners, based in the heart of Chicago.
  • We’re not a website factory. We’re committed to providing reliable, personal service.


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