App Development

App Development

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App Development

Tecture brings a decade of custom application development experience and process to the new frontier of app development.

Mobile Web

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Mobile Development Mobile Web

The web is now mobile! Tecture custom designs websites for the mobile web. We support iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Web Applications

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Web Applications Web Applications

Tecture nutures web startups, helping them swiftly and affordably bring their visions to market on enterprise-class software platforms.


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Interactive websites leveraging HTML 5, Flash ActionScript, streaming video, Ajax, and XML create exceptional user experiences


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Sell anything from clothing to event tickets through a powerful and secure ecommerce site, designed to maximize conversions.

PACT Case Study

Responsive Web Design

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View the PACT Case Study Responsive Web Design

Tecture provides the processes for web marketing strategy, branding and design, custom build-out and post-launch maneuvers for a fully-funded start-up through Indiegogo.

Our Capabilities

Web Design
Our designers bring stunning, modern, innovative design solutions to you and your customers. Tecture's design team consists of brilliant digital artists with extensive development experience. The best designs not only provide an impressive visual aesthetic but also translate well to the code required to bring design to life on the screen.
Web Development
Tecture hand-codes HTML and CSS for an optimal web experience on any browser, platform, or mobile device.
Web Application Development
The best design and technology must work seamlessly together to create unforgettable web experiences.
Mobile Web
A mobile strategy is a must for any website. Tecture designs and develops mobile websites optimized for iPhone and Android. Our focus is to make effective use of limited mobile screen resolutions, utilizing fluid web design or by creating a minimal mobile design.
App Development
Tecture brings a decade of custom application development experience and process to the new frontier of app development. We start by designing a mobile user experience targeted to the environment in which the app is operating (business, leisure), the capabilities of the target device (GPS, camera, etc.), screen sizes, connectivity, and notifications.
Tecture's Site Ignition website platform integrates a complete ecommerce system, supporting key features such as inventory management, upsell opportunities, shipping calculations, sales tax, coupons, integration with ecommerce payment gateways, and much more.
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Welcome to Tecture

Design and technology working together to create exceptional web and mobile experiences

Tecture designs and builds custom web and mobile applications, ecommerce websites, and custom content-managed websites. We start with a clear understanding of your business goals and employ strategy, user experience, design, technology, and marketing tactics to achieve your business objectives while providing your customers, clients, and users with a superior experience.

Latest News

Partnering with PACT to launch a membership-based ecommerce platform

Announced on: 02/20/14

Art PACT founder and veteran fantasy artist Jim Pavelec was inspired to create a community of artists that can collaboratively improve working conditions for professional freelance and up-and-coming artists. Pavelec’s background is a freelancer, but he knew he needed an experienced firm to put together and manage such a complex project from start to finish. He selected Tecture. more...

Redesigning a Non-profit website in 24 Hours

Announced on: 02/28/13

We're Redesigning an Non-profit Website in 24 Hours Absolutely Free more...

Tecture Launches Mobile Apps for Loanlook

Announced on: 09/21/12

Tecture's mobile testing lab was in high gear all this week putting the finishing touches on the brand new mobile app for Loanlook, and its hard work has paid off. more...


Responsive Web Design: Silver bullet for the mobile era?

By Ben Rowland

Responsive Web Design is a new design and website construction technique for achieving a single web design that works and renders beautifully on any device with any screen size.S ounds pretty good, right? RWD promises that you’ll be able to design, build, and maintain a single website — and that it will look great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Does it live up to its promise? Read on to find out! more...

Track and eliminate dead ends on your website

By Ben Rowland

Since you've already made the commitment to generate content for your website, make sure to take a few extra seconds to regularly analyze its effectiveness. A few minor adjustments can mean the difference between content that pays for itself and dead ends that do not. more...

10 Key Online Social Marketing Tactics

By Ben Rowland

We now take the web browser for granted. In a matter of years (or perhaps months), we are sure to take social networking sites for granted as well. more...